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Native Bee Friendly Farming at Hampton

Dr Megan Halcroft, a native bee specialist and her husband Steven Ruttley, are certified Bee Friendly Farmers in Hampton. We look at what this certification means and the choices Megan has made to ensure their sheep stud is bee-friendly as well as environmentally and economically sustainable.

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Changing Places

This week, Tracie McMahon takes a walk with author John Low, a former Blue Mountains City Council Librarian, and now Portland resident, around the Millpond at The Foundations, Portland.

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Chantelle’s Garden Journey

Chantelle Cambridge recently presented the final in a series of gardening talks hosted by Lithgow Library Learning Centre. Standing in the shade of fifty-year-old elms in a flowery white dress, she was Instagram perfect, but the journey that led her here would have flattened many.

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